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15343 [{"section_type": "LINK", "name": {"fi": "Anna palautetta"}, "www": {"fi": "https://easiointi.espoo.fi/eFeedback/fi/Home"}, "email": null, "phone": null, "contact_person": null}] [{"value": "canopy_above_entrance", "variable": 36}, {"value": "true", "variable": 50}, {"value": "long_term_stay", "variable": 60}, {"value": "true", "variable": 115}, {"value": "true", "variable": 84}, {"value": "true", "variable": 5}, {"value": "false", "variable": 58}, {"value": "true", "variable": 40}, {"value": "true", "variable": 88}, {"value": "true", "variable": 118}, {"value": "false", "variable": 103}, {"value": "at_least_4_steps", "variable": 39}, {"value": "false", "variable": 46}, {"value": "false", "variable": 79}, {"value": "false", "variable": 92}, {"value": "true", "variable": 51}, {"value": "true", "variable": 44}, {"value": "true", "variable": 117}, {"value": "over_20mm", "variable": 56}, {"value": "handrails_on_both_sides", "variable": 47}, {"value": "true", "variable": 90}, {"value": "false", "variable": 42}, {"value": "true", "variable": 109}, {"value": "true", "variable": 107}, {"value": "smooth", "variable": 17}, {"value": "true", "variable": 116}, {"value": "false", "variable": 83}, {"value": "false", "variable": 87}, {"value": "true", "variable": 104}, {"value": "true", "variable": 52}, {"value": "floor_1", "variable": 119}, {"value": "false", "variable": 33}, {"value": "false", "variable": 85}, {"value": "not_guided_but_clear", "variable": 19}, {"value": "false", "variable": 86}, {"value": "true", "variable": 114}, {"value": "false", "variable": 102}, {"value": "ramp_over_6m_long_with_intermediate_landing", "variable": 45}, {"value": "false", "variable": 23}, {"value": "handrails_on_one_side", "variable": 41}, {"value": "true", "variable": 6}, {"value": "true", "variable": 57}, {"value": "false", "variable": 21}, {"value": "true", "variable": 37}, {"value": "false", "variable": 111}, {"value": "false", "variable": 29}, {"value": "false", "variable": 34}, {"value": "true", "variable": 89}, {"value": "false", "variable": 48}, {"value": "indoor_facility", "variable": 500}, {"value": "false", "variable": 43}, {"value": "true", "variable": 62}, {"value": "true", "variable": 106}, {"value": "true", "variable": 20}, {"value": "true", "variable": 53}, {"value": "same_floor_as_entrance", "variable": 108}, {"value": "true", "variable": 59}, {"value": "over_20mm", "variable": 91}, {"value": "0", "variable": 1}, {"value": "on_door", "variable": 110}, {"value": "true", "variable": 105}, {"value": "true", "variable": 112}, {"value": "sufficiently_wide", "variable": 18}, {"value": "false", "variable": 22}, {"value": "true", "variable": 38}, {"value": "false", "variable": 49}, {"value": "true", "variable": 113}, {"value": "opens_easily_manually", "variable": 54}, {"value": "false", "variable": 98}] internal 4437     d8dab34f-a68f-4244-b906-84e7f651b8e1 520a4492-cb78-498b-9c82-86504de88dce SELF_PRODUCED   municipal_service kunnallinen palvelu kommunal tjänst municipal service 1             Espoon yhteislyseo perustettiin vuonna 1962. Vuoteen 1977 koulu oli valtion oppilaitos, jonka nimeksi tuli kunnallistamisen myötä Kauklahden koulu ja lukio. Vuonna 2004, koulun 40-vuotisjuhlien yhteydessä, nimi muutettiin Espoon yhteislyseon lukioksi. Syksyllä 2013 lukio vietti 50-vuotisjuhlia. Espoon yhteislyseon lukio muutti kesällä 2019 uuteen kotiin ja avasi toimintansa Kutojantie 2:ssa 1.8.2019, missä toimii myös Viherlaakson lukio. Kutojantiellä opiskelijoiden käytössä on useita pienryhmätiloja, mutta aherruksen vastapainoksi on myös pingispöytiä ja mahdollisuus käyttää kuntosalia. Syksyllä 2020 lukion nimi lyhennettiin Espoon yhteislyseoksi. Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School offers students a safe environment to acquire a good general education. In addition to sports and a healthy lifestyle, instruction emphasises entrepreneurship, global citizenship, sustainable development and social skills for the future. Students learn to understand cultural differences and they learn valuable lessons on how to live in a globalised world. We prepare our students for further studies and challenges in work life and encourage them to become active members of society. Our school values internationality. By taking some of the several school-specific courses that we offer, you can improve your language skills and gain versatile experience in different languages and cultures, as well as entrepreneurship. During the year, we are often visited by international guests and exchange students and we take part in international projects and organise educational school excursions and trips abroad.Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School will provide you with the tools for intercultural communication - the language skills, the general education and the ability to analyse encounters between different cultures and world events. As a school, EYL is a multicultural haven with an open-minded atmosphere and a great team spirit that welcomes students from different cultural backgrounds. We encourage individuality and creativity in school work and try to arouse the students' interest by innovative teaching methods and a positive atmosphere.   Espoon yhteislyseo Espoon yhteislyseon lukio Kutojantie 2 Vävarsvägen 2 Kutojantie 2 http://www.espoo.fi/fi-FI/Kasvatus_ja_opetus/Lukiokoulutus/Espoon_lukiot/Espoon_yhteislyseon_lukio http://www.espoo.fi/fi-FI/Kasvatus_ja_opetus/Lukiokoulutus/Espoon_lukiot/Espoon_yhteislyseon_lukio http://english.espoo.fi/en-US/Childcare_and_education/Upper_Secondary_Schools   pvm/mpm lna/msa local network charge/mobile call charge   +358 43 827 0245   +358 9 8169 2118 jari.huoponen@espoo.fi http://www.eyl.fi/ 2015-11-03T12:03:45+02:00 02630 www.espoo.fi kaikki espoo 2020-11-04T15:00:57.057691+02:00 {"00": null, "11": "red", "12": "red", "13": "red", "21": "green", "22": "red", "23": "green", "31": "red", "32": "red", "33": "red", "41": "green", "51": "red", "52": "red", "61": "green"} [1087] espoo [1274, 1273, 1281, 1286, 1292, 1284, 1293, 1259, 1269] [816, 658, 97, 96, 95, 89, 12, 11, 4] {"fi": ["koulu", "lukio"]} Point 24.752037 60.210133 PL 3535, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI           Espoon yhteislyseo eli EYL perustettiin vuonna 1962. Päärakennuksen perusparannus toteutettiin 2005-2006. 1 4       P.O. Box 3535, 02070 ESPOO CITY       4   PB 3535, 02070 ESBO STAD     3 Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School is a small, friendly public school.